Courage Igene - Author

Courage Igene is an author with a great deal of passion for inspiring and teaching others.

Throughout his lifetime and career, Courage Igene has always been passionate about learning new things and gaining different life experiences. As a kid he was always reading and writing and listening to stories shared by his family and the members of his church. Today, he continues to tell those same stories along with stories of his own as a leader in his church. 

Courage Igene finds reading to be a great way to learn about oneself and the rest of the world. Books allow you to think about the world differently and gain new perspectives and opinions. Gaining these new perspectives allows you to develop a deeper knowledge and find the best solutions to your problems or curiosities. 

As the president and founder of All Nations Church, Courage Igene has dedicated much of his time to helping others learn about and feel inspired by the teachings of God. Because of this he has spent a lot of time reflecting and researching to discuss major questions and topics related to God's teachings in his books. Some of the most well known books written by Courage Igene include: 

Courage Igene - Books

  • 100 Reasons Why I Hate Poverty - Published in 2013, 100 Reasons Why I Hate Poverty describes the evils and debilitating aspects of poverty and how to overcome it. Through extensive reading and research, Courage Igene has found that there is nothing good or godly related to poverty. He describes poverty not only as a lack of finances and resources, but also a mindset that frustrates and interferes with God's plans and purpose. 
    Courage Igene Author
  • God's Weapons of Mass Destruction - Courage Igene published God's Weapons of Mass Destruction in 2009 as a guide to show individuals the ways in which we can defend ourselves from the evils of Satan. He explains how God provides us with the weapons necessary to stay on our path of goodness and faith, remaining victorious over our enemies. 

    These books, along with the many others he has written provide readers with interesting concepts to think about and contemplate related to their own life paths and stories. Courage Igene strives to open up the minds of his readers to challenge them to think in ways they have never though before. Through his books, he hopes to inspire others and share their own findings and stories with the rest of the world. 

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